Hail to the Chief: Executive Immigration Reform

President Obama had every Constitutional Right,so say a host of the foremost legal scholars in the United States, as well as having history on his side, from Eisenhower to Bush, to grant temporary deferred action to the millions in the United States who needed this protection. The majority of Americans support actual residence for this wide group of illegal/out of status individuals, but the executive branch is limited to a temporary solution. As usual, Fox News distorts the truth, as do the predictable anti-immigration herd in Congress, bellowing “illegal amnesty”.

For the record it is temporary, it cannot be permanent residence without our dysfunctional Congress acting, but allows work permission and allows millions to pay taxes, obtain driver’s licenses, get insurance, and be protected from deportation and the breakup of families, for a period of three years. Perhaps we may have to endure new tantrums from the right like shutting down the government again.

The Senate, thanks to the work of a bipartisan group of 8, passed Comprehensive Immigration Reform earlier this year and the president has been ready to sign. Unfortunately, the House never took the matter up, thanks to pressure from the tea party, although a count in the House showed it would have passed.

The Republicans are simply not credible when they said, with their new control of Congress, they would pass Immigration Reform, which included dealing with those out of status. The fact is the Republicans have blocked every recent attempt including the reform backed by. George Bush and Mel Martinez of equal importance are expected regulations to improve business visa processing, the use of visa categories more efficiently to match economic need in the United States, as well as expanding working rights for recent graduates and spouses of business visa holders. Expanded opportunities for inventors, researchers, and job creators are also expected.

Best of all the programs are paid for with application fees, so nothing to defund for the bullies in Congress who think this is a bad idea and we should deport about 12 million or so..In a sheer stroke of bipartisan genius, the House can pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform, as passed by the Senate to show they are not really anti-Latino and that retiring tea party darling Michele Bachmann (R-Minn). was just kidding when she said “the millions protected by Obama could become “illiterate” Democratic voters”…..In the meantime, good going Mr. President…you did the right thing.