Immigration: Politics As Usual

The shameful political farce by both the Republicans and Democrats continues over intelligent immigration reform. The President, pressured by close midterm elections, has backed off on executive action, which was the result of Republicans cowering to the Tea Party in the first place. …Immigration Reform deals with a lot more than 15 million illegals, but also how to admit more scientists, scholars, highly skilled and educated individuals, and other workers needed by our economy. The terrorist threats against our country require Congress to act in a responsible, bipartisan manner. If they do not, it is up to President Obama. We must know, to the greatest extent possible, who is in the United States, and that is an important part of reform.

The time has never been more critical for everyone legal in the U.S. to get a National I.D. card, provide a temporary card for those illegally here with a possibility of residence in the future, and strictly enforce the employment verification laws with biometrics. This will go a long way to control the borders, as to those who simply want to work, as well as providing more security from those who would harm the United States.