In a stunning example of by-partisanship Barack and Ted are finally gonna get this done.

Obama, of course, has been ready to sign the Senate gang of 8 bill, (which included Marco Rubio, son of a Cuban Immigrant, who has now Disappeared from the scene, rather than forcefully support what he helped author). Most all Demos, and many Republicans want immigration reform, including amnesty for the millions of illegals.

As for Ted, who was born in Canada, but is also a son of a Cuban immigrant,…. he may have, tonto-like, forced the House Republicans Into supporting Immigration Reform. Thanks to Ted’s circus performance, which cost the United states tens of Billions of dollars, and accomplished
Nothing, other than drive the Republican approval numbers below dismal, the Republican party needs help from anywhere……even those “immigrants”

Seems most evangelicals even support Immigration Reform, so this whole thing, at this point, should be a no-brainer.

Otherwise, this is gonna be another Tea Party ending up at the bottom of the harbor.